MAREMAP Partners

'collect once, use many times'

The Marine Environmental Mapping Programme (MAREMAP) is a good example of how organisations from different sectors of the marine community can come together to share information and experience to create new geoscience outputs.

Delivering high-resolution geological information to Government, industry and the academic sector can help to inform planning decisions that affect our marine environment and stimulate both commercial use of the seafloor and research.

Each of our partners shares MAREMAP's main objectives and a collaborative approach to environmental scientific research.

MAREMAP therefore aims to integrate the expertise and resources of each of our partner organisations in a complimentary and collaborative national mapping programme. The sum of these individual contributions is a solid body of marine information with a wide variety of practical outputs.

Our partner organisations not only directly contribute to the national mapping objectives of MAREMAP, they are also in the best position to promote the use of the Programme's outputs by industry, marine planners and conservation groups.

So, how do each of our partners contribute to MAREMAP? Click on the partner logo on the left to find out.