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As we have learned, the deep sea is still relatively unexplored, but pioneering Southampton researchers have discovered deep-sea vents teeming with new life and valuable metals such as gold, platinum and copper.

Researchers in Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton are at the forefront of improving the public awareness of science by communicating their work widely, whether it involves explaining climate change or investigating life at the bottom of the world's deepest oceans.

Head of Geology and Geophysics, Dr. Justin Dix, is the lead on the University of Southampton's part in MAREMAP. He specialises in sediment mobility, bedform mobility and transport and sandbank evolution on the UK continental shelf.

The University of Southampton recognise the value and importance of MAREMAP and the need to address the limits of data currently available from the UK marine area.

For more information on the University of Southampton's marine research, please visit their website.