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'It's time to start filling the 'white holes' in the map of the UK Marine Area.' Professor Ed Hill, NOC Director.

The National Oceanography Centre was formed in April 2010 by the merger of two marine science institutions - the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory in Liverpool and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Owned entirely by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the NOC is the UK's leading institution for sea level science, coastal and deep ocean research and technology development.

Working in close partnership with institutions across the UK marine science community, the NOC undertakes integrated ocean research, mapping and survey data management. The NOC carries out these activities both on the coast and in the deep ocean, and offers scientific advice and development.

The NOC mission is to 'deliver excellent science with impact', by undertaking long term, internationally competitive marine science, and translating it into demonstrable benefits for the wider society. MAREMAP represents a part of their mission to manage, develop and coordinate high quality research infrastructure and database pools for the benefit of the whole UK science community.

As a coordinator of MAREMAP, the NOC is committed to contributing data and research to tackle the urgent requirement for increased mapping coverage of the UK Marine Area. The NOC hopes that its integrated ocean research will help to address MAREMAP's most topical issues: effective conservation of marine habitats and species; sustainable exploitation of natural resources; and identification and assessment of submarine hazards.

Dr Russell Wynn (NOC), Joint Co-ordinator of MAREMAP, outlines the focus of the NOC's part in MAREMAP: 'Less than 15-20% of the UK offshore area has been mapped at sufficient resolution. MAREMAP will therefore bring together the expertise and resources of NERC, to deliver a co-ordinated national marine mapping programme'.

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