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NERC is the UK's main agency for funding and managing research, training and knowledge exchange in the environmental sciences. With around 370 million of annual funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, NERC are a non-departmental public body assigning investment in the pursuit of environmental science.

Their global scope covers all manner of diverse environments, from the deep oceans to the upper atmosphere, from the poles to the equator. Their work therefore covers atmospheric, biological, terrestrial and aquatic science. The research projects NERC coordinates tackle major issues such as climate change, environmental influences on human health, and the genetic make-up of life on Earth.

NERC, therefore, have bases in some of the most hostile places on Earth. They run a fleet of research vessels and aircraft and invest millions in satellite technology to monitor gradual environmental change on a global scale. Using this information, they hope to be able to pre-warn of key environmental challenges, and to provide solutions.

NERC are also committed to engaging the public with environmental research and aim to facilitate public debate, engage young people with environmental science, encourage NERC-funded scientists to engage with the public and increase public awareness of the work that we do.

They are the main sponsor of MAREMAP, which is in line with their strategy to encourage collaboration between associated organisations with common interests, as outlined in 'The Business of the Environment' strategy document. NERC are dedicated to the sharing of data both within the public sector and with the wider public. They are also committed to the expansion of knowledge about our marine environment.

For more information, or to contact NERC directly, please visit their website.