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Marine Scotland is committed to a clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse marine and coastal environment that meets the long-term needs of people and nature. This includes managing our seas sustainably to protect their rich biological diversity and to ensure that our marine ecosystems continue to provide economic, social and wider benefits for people, industry and society.

Marine Scotland's vision, aims and objectives for protecting marine biodiversity are outlined in its Nature Conservation Strategy. This strategy is based on species conservation, site protection and policies and measure for the wider seas. The document outlines how this three-pillar approach to conservation fits in with current marine planning and Scottish legislation.

The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 means the Scottish Government now has the authority to introduce statutory marine planning for Scotland's seas. A National Marine plan will manage increasing demands for the use of our marine environment, encourage the development of marine industries and incorporate environmental protection into marine decision-making.

Marine Scotland have made available an Interactive National Marine Tool. This useful tool allows you to view different types of information and, where appropriate, links have been provided to the related parts of Scotland's Marine Atlas where the information is discussed in more detail.

It is hoped that the data collected by MAREMAP partners and associate partners can inform this decision-making for a more environmentally conscious approach to marine use and planning.

For more information about the work of Marine Scotland, or how they contribute to MAREMAP, please contact us, or visit their website.