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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is committed to safer lives, safer ships and cleaner seas. They lead by example in promoting safe working practices that protect assets and all those who work or play in the maritime environment.

Surveys carried out as part of MAREMAP are essential to help the MCA put their vision to be the best maritime safety organisation in the world into practice.

Their research programme aims to provide a strong evidence base to underpin their work in maritime safety, to understand where policy changes need to be made, and to inform the UK's influence in international policy change. The MCA also work with national and global partners to encourage a more collaborative and cooperative approach to maritime research.

They take on a very important role within MAREMAP; to take the data and knowledge acquired through marine surveying and translate it into a key practical application of the project: marine safety.

The MCA coordinated the recent INIS Hydro project; a joint action to produce large datasets and to survey the seabed in a way that satisfies the needs of organisations in the bordering regions of Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The data collected by the MCA themselves has greatly complimented new data being collected by other partners such as SAMS, BGS and NOC. The high-resolution bathymetry data they have collected gives incredible new value to legacy datasets and allows for more accurate planning of survey and sampling sites.

For more information on the vital work of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and how their work contributes to MAREMAP and safety at sea, please visit their website.