Why Do We Need A National Environmental Mapping Programme?

'Less than 15-20% of the UK offshore area has been mapped at sufficient resolution. MAREMAP will therefore bring together the expertise and resources of NERC, to deliver a co-ordinated national marine mapping programme.'
Dr Russell Wynn (NOC), Joint Co-ordinator of MAREMAP

We know very little about the sea floor, yet the marine environment provides energy, food and raw materials that are essential to our society and economy. It also hosts diverse and vulnerable habitats that need to be conserved.

The need for collaborative, economically viable and adaptable marine research programmes has never been greater. Now, more than ever, we need to understand and predict how our marine environment works and how we can use it to drive economic growth while maintaining clean and biologically diverse seas. Economic and conservation pressures have increased the importance of marine data, mapping information and science, and the technological innovation required to underpin them.

As data is collected by many different public sector organisations for various purposes, there is a clear need to work in partnership to make best use of facilities and information. MAREMAP is one of several initiatives that address this issue, focusing on the need for common, national objectives in seafloor and shallow geological mapping.

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