How Can MAREMAP Benefit You?

'Seabed maps are the fundamental data for all maritime activity. The MAREMAP partnership aims to provide the highest quality interpreted seabed geological and biological maps to the UK marine community, a step change in the way public sector data is managed.'
Dr. John Howe, MAREMAP Coordinator, SAMS

MAREMAP was born of the need to improve co-ordination and sharing of information among NERC organisations. The detailed and up-to-date maps of the seabed that MAREMAP is producing are now being made available for all users of marine geoscience information.

MAREMAP provides information derived from a large number of organisations undertaking marine mapping, especially from the public sector, following the 'collect once, use many times' principle.

Through the MAREMAP website, we aim to provide access to the mapping outputs of our associate partners. As it develops, the website will include comprehensive descriptions of the seabed geology of the UK through a 'Wikimedia' approach to delivery. This approach will open up limitless opportunities to link sources of marine information.

The benefits of sharing information about marine areas are far-reaching. Delivering high-resolution geological information to government, industry and the academic sector can help to inform future planning decisions that affect our marine environment. It will contribute to commercial use of the seafloor and the research required to ensure that our seas achieve good ecological status as required by UK and European policies.

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