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John Howe - SAMS

Dr. John A Howe is the Head of the Biogeochemistry and Earth Science department at the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS).

His core scientific interests include bottom-current influenced sedimentation in the deep-sea, Fiordic and shelf-sea glaciomarine sediments and records of rapid climate change, seabed mapping of modern and ancestral depositional processes and high-latitude margins.

After studying Geology at Derby University, and later for a PhD at the University of Southampton, John worked for the British Antarctic Survey for four years. What an adventure! He joined the ranks of SAMS in 1998 as a lecturer, and has been there ever since.

Within SAMS, John is part of a number of research projects, academic programs and scientific teams. He is an active part of the Dynamic Ocean Theme, whose aim is to work towards a greater understanding of fundamental processes and patterns that occur in the marine environment and how they relate to issues such as climate variability.

As head of the Biogeochemistry and Earth Science department, he is charged with surveying, sampling, analyzing and interpreting a huge variety of marine waters, sediments and depositional environments. His team studies a varied cross-section of marine environments, from oceanic deep-water basins to the continental shelf.

John is also part of the highly skilled team at the Centre for Smart Observations developing new solutions and adapting existing technologies that drive the science of our oceans forward.

His contribution to the MAREMAP Project, and our pursuit of more reliable and detailed geological and habitat maps of the UK marine area, has been invaluable. He is a key player in the multi-disciplinary MAREMAP team, offering valuable data to help us build better habitat maps and 3D geological models.

At SAMS, mapping is conducted using the RV Calanus, equipped with a Reson 8124 Seabat multi-beam echo sounder and a Klein 3000 dual frequency side-scan sonar.

John has been an integral part of the MAREMAP funded INIS Hydro (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland Hydrographic Survey) research project, which comes to an end on 3rd December 2013. The aim of the project has been to promote joint action to survey the seabed in a way that satisfies the needs of many organisations in the bordering regions, with particular focus on surveying sensitive bays and inlets on the coasts of these regions.

We have offered just a glimpse of the extensive past, present and future work of Dr. John A. Howe, his publications, research and teaching, but we hope it shows how important he is to us at MAREMAP!