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Slides in the deep

During a thirty day research cruise in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea we will collect sediment cores from the deposits of submarine landslides. These sediment cores will allow us not only to estimate the emplacement age of the deposits and the timing of the landslide, but also to reconstruct failure processes and estimate the future risk to the UK from landslide tsunami in the Northern North Atlantic.

Dave Long and Dave Tappin of BGS are on the cruise and have this to say:
'We are enjoying extraordinarily benign weather in the Norwegian Sea. Having completed a series of long piston cores (several >10m) at various sites along the Norwegian margin, and also at the Afen Slide west of Shetland. We are currently multibeaming the Traenadjupet Slide to find sites to determine how many stages there were to its failure. Once we complete the work at Traenadjupet we will head even further north to the Bear Island Fan before turning out in to the Norwegian Basin for climate studies.'