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New Staff in Marine Geology for BGS!

Gareth Carter, Marine Geoscientist
Gareth's role will be to aid in the mapping of shallow marine seabed features, linking the onshore and offshore geology. This includes bedrock mapping, Quaternary sediments mapping, and palaeolandscape mapping with a particular focus on relic mass movement deposits.

Jenny Gales, Marine Geologist
Jenny will be working within the MAREMAP team alongside Tom Bradwell and Martyn Stoker to map the Quaternary geology and seabed geomorphology of the Summer Isles region (Loch Broom) using seismic and multibeam data to reconstruct the Late Quaternary glacial dynamics of the region.

Dr Claire Mellet, Marine Geologist
Claire is the newest member of BGS MAREMAP team working on a costal dynamics project in the SW of England. The project aims to refine geological maps both onshore and offshore by integrating the most advanced remote sensing techniques. Her role in the project will be mapping features on the seabed such as ancient beaches and rivers that existed in the past when sea level was much lower and the seabed was a land surface.