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Marine Imaging Workshop

7-10 April 2014, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Imaging is increasingly used to visualise and assess the marine environment.

Innovations in submersible camera technology, devices for carrying cameras and data storage in recent years, have created an abundance of data. This has necessitated the development of the resources and expertise to explore and analyse this data effectively.

The question is how do we get the best use of this data?

Groups and institutions around the world are developing innovative methods and technologies to make this data accessible.

At a Marine Imaging Workshop, between 7th and the 10th April 2014 at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, these groups and institutions will bring their ideas in order to integrate the theoretical and practical solutions that are either already in use, or show promising potential.

This international workshop will bring together up to 100 scientists from different disciplines that are pushing the boundaries of marine imaging. Biologists, ecologists, computer specialists and end-users will discuss the methods and procedures for optimizing data collected from photographs.

The workshop will cover image collection, the processing of images, strategies for still image and video annotation, annotation strategies for large data sets - including automation and crowd sourcing - and data management.

Organisers at the National Oceanography Centre are offering various tailored sponsorship packages to help fund the workshop and ensure its success. They also hope that these packages will help provide exposure for organisations in related fields.

Sponsorship of the event will ensure that your logo will be displayed on the Marine Imaging Workshop 2014 registration materials and on the presentation screen. Your logo, contact details and level of sponsorship would also be listed on the event website and in a trade booth outside the main conference.

For more details about the event, please do not hesitate to contact us, Daniel Jones (Marine Imaging Workshop 2014 Sponsor-Chair, or Jennifer Durden (Marine Imaging Workshop 2014 Chair,