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MAREMAP Annual Meeting and Conference 19-21st November, Edinburgh

19–21st November, Edinburgh

On the 19th and 20th November 2013, MAREMAP will be holding its Annual Meeting and Conference at the Royal Society of Edinburgh to highlight the science and understanding that is revolutionising our understanding of the seabed.

As well as showcasing the scientists and their research, the aim of the conference is to show how this new information has its practical applications in conservation and industry.

In conjunction with our partners – the British Geological Survey, the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the National Oceanography Centre – the conference will lay out the scope of current marine mapping research through a series of presentations by our leading scientists.

John Howe (SAMS) will chair a session covering sediment mobility on the shelf, and present on the geomorphology of the Firth of Lorn. Kerry Howell from Plymouth University will be 'Mapping the Deep', presenting on the distribution of marine ecosystems in the Northeast Atlantic and Russell Wynn, from the National Oceanography Centre, will chair a session on putting the seabed to work!

The BGS will be contributing a large body of research to the Conference. Sessions chaired by Alan Stevenson and Robert Gatliff will cover quaternary and coastal geology and geomorphology. Dr. Keith Westhead will give a particularly interesting introduction to his work in integrating swath bathymetry and topographic laserscan data in mapping the UK’s coastal zone. Dr. Tom Bradwell will outline his research into how the seabed can give us indications of ice sheet decay around northern Scotland.

The night before the main public conference, Tsunami scientist Professor David Tappin will give a guest presentation, entitled Tsunami Hazard: Learning From Recent Events, explaining developments in the mitigation of Tsunami hazards. Unfortunately, all spaces are full, but there are spaces available in the overspill video link room.

Tickets are £50 or £15 for students. Refreshments will be served throughout the conference. We hope that the conference will clearly showcase developments within the MAREMAP Project, and give an insight into the state of seabed mapping in the 21st century.