BGS Geological Factor Maps added to MAREMAP

21 Jan 2016

A series of maps describing geological factors relevant to offshore seabed activities. Produced in collaboration with The Crown Estate in 2014.

Progress in acoustic seabed classification

29 Jul 2014

Cefas and BGS scientists publish comparative study on mapping methods in peer-review journal

Marine conservation and spatial planning require sufficiently detailed maps of the substrates and habitats that make up the seabed, but this information is often missing.

Cold-water corals in the canyons off south west England

15 Jul 2014

A team of scientists, including Heather Stewart of the BGS marine geology and operations team, have returned from a ten day research cruise in the Bay of Biscay.

Slides in the deep

15 Jul 2014

During a thirty day research cruise in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea we will collect sediment cores from the deposits of submarine landslides.


23 Jun 2014

Follow all the latest updates from the cruise

Keep up to date with all that is happening on the cruise at the following sites.


18 Jun 2014

13-23 June 2014 Bay of Biscay: Project overview

A team of scientists are currently working in the Bay of Biscay to study the mini-mounds of the Ferrol Canyon and the Dangaard-Explorer Canyons.

2nd INCISE Symposium on Submarine Canyons

02 May 2014

29th Sept - 1st Oct 2014

The BGS will host the 2nd INCISE symposium on Submarine Canyons in Edinburgh between 29th September and 1st October 2014.

Seabed Holds The Key To Understanding Our Icy Past: Part 1

16 Apr 2014

Understanding Our Icy Past From The Seabed

Dr. Tom Bradwell, of the British Geological Survey, shares how discoveries about the glacial geomorphology of the British seabed have been a revelation, and offers a detailed insight into some of the scientific breakthroughs that have been made as part of MAREMAP.

Annual MAREMAP Meeting And Conference Report

27 Jan 2014

A Report On November's Annual MAREMAP Meeting And Conference

Mapping and monitoring our marine environment is a large and growing problem for a number of reasons. The research presented at the MAREMAP Annual Conference is taking major steps towards meeting this need.

INIS Hydro Uncovers Wartime Wrecks Off Oban Coast

27 Jan 2014

Two Wartime Plane Wrecks Found Between Oban And Jura

In addition to producing seabed maps that have drastically improved our knowledge of the seabed and safety at sea, the INIS Hydro project has also uncovered a piece of history.

Using AUV And Glider Technology For Monitoring And Mapping UK MPAs

09 Jan 2014

MARS - Exploring Difficult To Reach Parts Of Our Marine Areas

Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems (MARS) are opening up new parts of the marine environment for mapping and monitoring.

BGS Staff Presented At The Recent AGU Fall Meeting In San Francisco

09 Jan 2014

AGU Fall Meeting 2013: The Stratigraphic Record Of Carbonate Platforms and Ramps II

BGS staff recently presented their research at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall meeting in San Francisco, which discussed 'The Stratigraphic Record Of Carbonate Platforms and Ramps II'.

'Data Exploration, Regression, GLM & GAM with introduction to R' Course - July 2014

09 Jan 2014

Dr. Kerry Howell To Run Data Organisation Course In July 2014

Between 7th and 11th July 2014, Highland Statistics will be running a course on 'Data Exploration, Regression, GLM & GAM with introduction to R' at Plymouth University.

NOC Scientists Explore World's Largest Undersea Canyon

09 Jan 2014

NOC expedition to map and sample the seabed of Agadir Canyon, off the northwest coast of Morocco, discovered the source of the world's largest sediment flow.

Marine Imaging Workshop

07 Jan 2014

7-10 April 2014, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

Imaging is increasingly used to assess the marine environment. This workshop shall bring together people and their ideas to fuse the theoretical and practical solutions that are either promising or already in use.

MAREMAP - ‘Mapping The Deep’ Project

02 Dec 2013

Researchers at Plymouth University Aim To Map The Deep Sea Habitats Of Our Coastline. Led by Dr. Kerry Howell, the project is leading the field of deep-sea habitat mapping in producing the first high quality, high-resolution maps of the seabed.

The Stratigraphic Record Of Carbonate Platforms and Ramps II

02 Dec 2013

BGS staff are set to present their research at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall meeting between 9th and 13th December 2013 in San Francisco.

MAREMAP Annual Meeting and Conference 19-21st November, Edinburgh

14 Nov 2013

19–21st November, Edinburgh

The MAREMAP Annual Meeting and Conference will be held on 19–21 November in Edinburgh to showcase current marine mapping research and its applications.

Autosub3 mapping of submarine flow processes and products

23 Aug 2013

A team of MAREMAP researchers at NOC has recently returned from a successful expedition to the Black Sea.

MAREMAP Data Update

13 Aug 2013

New data areas have been added to the MAREMAP service.

MAREMAP Workshop

05 Aug 2013

4 September 2013, BGS, Murchison House, Edinburgh

4th September 2013 confirmed as the date for the MAREMAP Workshop.

MAREMAP Conference

04 Aug 2013

Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November 2013, The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

MAREMAP conference set for 20-21 November 2013 at The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

New MAREMAP member

03 Aug 2013

MAREMAP welcomes Marine Scotland to the Consortium.

MAREMAP presentation

01 Aug 2013

John Howe (SAMS) will be presenting an overview of the INIS Hydro project surveys in the Firth of Lorn at the MASTS (Marine Alliance for Science Technology Scotland) annual science meeting at Heriott-Watt university, Edinburgh, August 27-29th

New lecturer in Palaeoceanography for SAMS!

01 Aug 2013

On 1st August, Dr Kirsty Crocket, a specialist in isotope geochemistry started at SAMS.

New Staff in Marine Geology for BGS!

01 Aug 2013

3 new staff recruited within Marine Geology in BGS.