Welcome to MAREMAP

The need for increased mapping coverage, near-shore surveys and detailed geological and habitat maps of the UK marine area is urgent. It is essential to inform the decisions that have an impact on our marine activities.

Better seabed maps are needed to ensure healthy and biologically diverse seas, sustainable use, efficient use of research resources, and for greater safety at sea.

Mapping the UK seafloor using modern techniques continues to be a major undertaking. The pressures on our seas and the seafloor are complex. Detailed planning and collaboration across the public and private sectors is therefore required to ensure that balance is maintained. It is also vital that efforts are coordinated to avoid duplicated research, to share and to make best use of the information that is collected.

The Marine Environmental Mapping Programme (MAREMAP) represents just such a coordination effort. It aims to improve seafloor and shallow geological mapping to achieve national objectives such as habitat mapping, Quaternary science, coastal and shelf sediment dynamics and the assessment of human impacts and geohazards in the marine environment.

Using pioneering data collection techniques, MAREMAP hopes to contribute to the body of accurate data and visual information needed to make decisions about how best to use and protect our marine environment.